Make My Dream Viral


Hi my name is Magnolia Howell ( pen name Magnolia Lafleur ) and aside from being an Artist, I am a Professional Track and Field Athlete on the Nike Team training for the 2016 Olympics.  This is my last attempt to make a team and I will need all the help I can get. I am holding a fundraiser as well as trying to get some sponsorship.

Please go to my

  1. To find more about my journey and to donate if you can on this blog or gofund me. You can also buy a painting! Check out my art instagram #Magnolia _ Lafleur or my blog ((Please email requested painting before you pay to ensure it’s in stock!)

Thank you kindly for your support, in any format that it comes!:^)

From: Just a Girl #Fuelinga Dream

Magnolia HL

( #magnoliahl )( Magnolia_lafleur )


Art currently at Dysonna Art Gallery on  5373 Wilshire Blvd

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