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Magnolia Lafleur 

Narrative Fine Artist, Writer & CEO to Art On The Run
“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.”
– Pablo Picasso


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Magnolia Lafleur is a Narrative Artist & the owner of Art On The Run, the first paint and sip art company that solely hosts and caters art parties and classes on the go along with the option of intuitive personality paint readings.
Magnolia has been living & working in Los Angeles as a Fine Artist, Writer, and once Professional Track and Field Athlete on the Trinidad and Tobago National Team.
She was born in Sacramento, California from a Panamanian mother and Trinidadian father, and was raised in Guadalajara, Mexico and Omaha, Nebraska. Magnolia’s upbringing was not your average childhood. Her youth was riddled with travel, sports, craftsmanship, strict etiquette, philosophy and writing; a renaissance like lifestyle enforced by the choreography of her loving parents.
Having been immersed in the comforts of nature, film, art & books since she could walk, it was only natural that she developed a keen writing voice and unique brush stroke of her very own.
Having a strong affinity for language, storytelling and paint, Magnolia’s art pieces are all based upon her short-story poetry.
(Can be found in “Story🕙” section)( For more stories go to lovsnmua.wordpress.com)
Her main medium is acrylic on canvas & furniture pieces expressed through a surrealistic & sometimes abstract narrative style. She explores rebellious themes related to our spiritual & astronomical connection to planet earth, nature vs. electrical technology(ego), virtuous love, as well as our struggle to fulfill our inner callings. The employment of words connected to the visual, stems from her love of film, art, text and music.
Aside from being a published Writer and a Fine Artist, Magnolia was a member of the Trinidad and Tobago National Track & Field Team. She competed at the 2012 & 2016 Olympic Trials as well as many international competitions under the instruction of Nike Coach Bobby Kersee.
Having taught in Los Angeles for over 10 years, Magnolia worked to develop her own teaching methodology that utilizes elements of psychology & philosophy to enhance her instruction at ART ON THE RUN.
Art On The Run has been in operation formally since 2016 under the name ‘My Happy Place.’ After having expanded her business Magnolia opted to call the company ‘ART ON THE RUN.’
Random Magnolia Facts
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I ….
* Want to be as greatefully aware as much as possible in my life.
*Want to accept truth, challenge myself towards growth, & love  & bask in small delightful moments as much as possible.❤💙💚💛
*Want to be useful & spread as much goodness on this planet to my family, friends, others & myself.💫💞 
*Want to do what’s right, not what’s popular.🔤
*Have an old mother blog to this one, LOVSNMUA   -You can find more of my POETRY here
*Graduated from University with a B.A in Journalism and Minor in Speech Forensics
*Have a love affair with Film- Art- Sprinting- Screenwriting-Poetry- Film Scores 🎥🎶🎨🏃📝
* Very much enjoy the wilderness- Swanky Boutique hotels- moving melodies, unique mom & pop shops-PRIVACY-London-skeleton keys-thunder & old musicals🎼
*Used to live in London completing an International Business Certificate🎩
*Think we should all create something of significance for the benefit of our own personal positive expansion along with the expansion of others before we depart to the next act 🎬👻
*Love to read books on philosophy, anthroplogy, sociology, psychology, dead poets, and random extraordinairy (sometimes pointless) facts.                      📚📰👉👈📓📃
* Love travel and adventure (real and imaginary)✈⚓🏰
*Love when my brain & tounge goes idle bending🙇👅♒
*Ran as a Professional Track Athlete – Trinidad & Tobago National Team🏃🏁💖
*Have been hooked on film, running fast, strange repetitive sounds, mashed potatoes, space, film soundtracks, monkeys and dancing crazy since I came out of the womb.🎥🚅🌌🎶💃🙊

* Have the curiosity of a kid😱

*The decor of my casa looks like a Wes Anderson meets Jane Austen art space with a bed.🏩
*The Track, film theaters, poetry books and Canvases are my second homes.🏠
*Like the smell of wet pavement and have a semi-obsession w/ crunching leaves, monkeys, hot chocolate, dictionaries and dark & witty humor.🍃🍵🐒📙😂
*Want to create, uplift my family, friends, others and myself, & make a possitive difference in as many peoples lives as possible before I depart💛💙💜💚❤💞
* I am working to be the master of my domain & am a work of progress splashing away on a canvas with the aim of unbridled actualization.🎨