Brittle Candy


 It was soaked inside its wrapper,
damp and viscid, this sweet was nearly soiled.
Inside unknowing hands it plead to desirous lips.

An Empress, she served only love,
So she cradled it.
Unwrapped each limb
Nervous her tongue, sweating of ruin & rapture
This brittle candy; soaked in tears, its melody dripped sweetly from its folds.
No hairline cracks hiding inside wanting bones; but these teeth, nevertheless, they cracked at first bite.

But whilst mounted upon a mindful mouth
it never managed to bend past the unmoved mind.
Not in belly or heart but lips it stained.

So for the last time, she wrapped her lids
around hopeful apparitions, abstract and un-candid.
Imagined herself into her heart, then suddenly became disenchanted.
Esoteric wants, erected & confined to the quaint and quiet quarters of a weighted, wagging tongue and moistened teeth.
She wondered, would the ground be there to meet her feet?

And while in attempt to savor the sweet
Unrolled her lips she did release.
This brittle candy clinging, though it pained her so, would fall piece by piece.
Uncocooned by sticky, weeping fingers
This butterfly it soon, no longer lingers.

By: Magnolia

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