Of The Night

-Of The Night- (Click on link for entire poem) “Watching for the world to look up, seductive in its gaze, it’s cloaked in the madness of ticking hearts conjoined with collapsed lips. That heavy night Like the coat of a romanced black stallion it rouses embracing and beckons the moon. And I like every creature, with one…

Four Feet One Bed

4feet1bed4feet1bed   “True love belongs to the truly mad,” David once said. And instead of a pause or a period he ended the sentence with a soft and pleasant pout upon my wanting head. After that, it always felt warm, my heart that is. I used to watch him from the silver rusted mirror in my boudoir; eyes shut, like a babe…

The Chandelier

High above the rafters is where we all doth perch

Cloud high with laughter our feet dear touch the earth.