The Chandelier


The Chandelier 


High above the rafters is where we all doth perch

Cloud high with laughter our feet dear touch the earth.

Fogged glasses, chilled with punctured grapes in wine

Stained lips & drained teeth, ears plugged into planned poetry.

Preened and faced in pressed upon paint and canvases speaking woefully

Indelible attentiveness, like raven eyes swallowing whole words from the wise.

By dusk, this shard of glass, filled with fanciful fantasies;

Golden beasts carried by salty sees through rusted bark

Buzzed above the stillness of lips, red and dark.

Glass pushed in by bright beams of boastful light by day

and then again by nightfall kissed in perpetual bliss.

 Rock thoughts,

floating bulbs and  swollen stars,

aligned with eyes ripped past flesh emptied jars.

And I,


still happy bones,

pirouetted & mounted upon happy webs

bound and binding to happy spiders.

And they and I bitten from the moving melodies inside us.

Shivered swarmed by soothing sharing,

we are ceaseless in our bearings.



(Above piece- Magnolia)




tumblr_mckmendpO31qe4iooo1_500 (1)



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