Cosmic Musings


2015-04-24 23.01.19

By: Magnolia Lafleur

 We all Yearn

For Something

The miraculous

Its everywhere

The human experience

Panoramic pleasantries

A benign gallery of humanity

Unlimited Potential

Pried from gripping flesh

This sculpted sand will not remain

And all the while

Feathers struggle to escape pinched skin

And tides and moons end and begin

Dancing seas directed by geometry


Forced to exhale at lights first sight

Natures courtship

A spot discovered on the face of desire



Waiting for the right woman, the right man

The proverbial apple

Thrown than falling

For gravity’s sake

Governing bodies

They yearn to wrap around each other

To give and to take

To erupt inside the soul of volcanic trust


Scarlet beads

Bound by loving deeds

Hemorrhaging Inside delightful pools of the infinitely Constant swelling

Fools for Love

And while the eyes of muffled clocks

Stealth in nature

Sneak from side to side

There he was

Awaiting for his flesh to die

Strolling amongst the ashen streets


Gray and graveled

Heavily powdered in the silence of contemplation Allowing bits of spirit to spy up and travel

As for her soul

At first touch as quenching and as clear as a placid lake

Dimpled Stranded and awake

Her nectarine skin, it smiles of defeated scars

Her blood rising

Ungoverned by motion Stirring inside emotions Screaming yet gentile

Oh these wrestles feathers

Cloud high

Dreaming of the falling

Leaves Gold and buried

Beneath mounds of secret soil Soiled inside pure tinglings

Kept and teary Still

Aging wounds

How they seek to escape their toil

Between the hours of limp lids and inside the face of a celestial space

Transfixed one

Find me! half of me remains untraced.

BloomedTears Art & Poem By: Magnolia

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