My Scarlet Remains

Through Scarlet birds I am reminded of all that is life;
electric love wailing about in windy theatrics,
perpetually pouring itself into open lipped ventricles,
dying for the filling.

Cosmic Musings

We All Yearn For Something
The miraculous
Its everywhere
The human experience
Panoramic pleasantries
A benign gallery of humanity
Pried from gripping flesh
This sculpted sand will not remain.

Of The Night

-Of The Night- (Click on link for entire poem) “Watching for the world to look up, seductive in its gaze, it’s cloaked in the madness of ticking hearts conjoined with collapsed lips. That heavy night Like the coat of a romanced black stallion it rouses embracing and beckons the moon. And I like every creature, with one…

This Present Place

Blood invested kisses pushing upon a bedtime sky
reflected the space hidden in a deep well inside.
With tireless tenderness, it seeped of all her callings.

Ode to Rose

His almond lids encircling still and raging waters beneath a naked moon
This moon, these eyes, they bear the color of swallowed earth, that when pointed, drink the entrails of her loveliness.

Four Feet One Bed

4feet1bed4feet1bed   “True love belongs to the truly mad,” David once said. And instead of a pause or a period he ended the sentence with a soft and pleasant pout upon my wanting head. After that, it always felt warm, my heart that is. I used to watch him from the silver rusted mirror in my boudoir; eyes shut, like a babe…

The Wilderness

Quiet, its weathered lids, canopy above
your quick-flirting eyes,
And you,

You cannot woo it,
even should you want to.
For it is the wild that drowns unmerciful structures;
It doe not speak through electrical wires
Nor does deal in self-devouring gold.

All to: THE END.

I did not know from whence I came, only that I had come

I was born in the middle of this funny feeling

And I did not seek to escape it.