All to: THE END.

I did not know from whence I came, only that I had come.

 I was born in the middle of this funny feeling,

And I did not seek to escape it.

Embracing, is where I yearned to be found.

Always, belly melted and buttered wounds,

I always managed to unknot the knotted twine.

To be revived through unsoiled pleasantries.

To have flesh that bears the mark of loving, grace.

So it was befitting to dress in cloak and hat and to the nines,

To face the comet facing mine eyes

For the end was nigh,

So I was to stand still.

Captive to LOVE

Consequences to this action; like scratched back,

Irritation than relief.

Benefits; like blossomed breath, pure and gentle

Free of rueful, self- inflicting glances.

And as I watch through slabs of busted glass,

To face all beginnings and all ends,

My flesh, it dimples & bears the smile of defeated pricks.

The rummage has not tainted this view.

So when I say I am transfixed, know that it is

for me as well as for you.





A fire whir



(Above Piece-Magnolia)


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